• iPad with Draker Energy Dashboard Displayed
    Kevin Braun User Experience Leader, Educator, & Author
  • iPad with Draker Energy Dashboard Displayed
    Kevin Braun User Experience Leader, Educator, & Author


Kevin and I worked together at
Google on Usability research for one of Google’s products, across 8 different countries
(with Kevin as a UI/UX Research consultant and I as the Project Manager). His attention to detail and ability to handle varying demands in a time-crunched environment was
simply exemplary

Mahesh Jammalamadaka
Program Manager


Kevin's attention to detail while still being able to grok the 50k ft view sets him apart from nearly every other UX specialist I've worked with. His drive to understand user requirements and put himself in the users' shoes is second to none and always produces great work.”

Beau Blumberg
Solutions Director


Kevin has a unique blend of interactive graphic design/usability and technical development skills that made him tremendously valuable to our organization. He is also a great team player and is able to look at the bigger picture and bring a strong overall
business perspective to his role.

Sheryl Ceriani
Marketing Director
UpToDate Inc.

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UX Leadership, Strategy, Research, Design, and Development

My philosophy is simple. Useful, usable, and beautiful... in that order... always. If the thing you are working on isn’t useful why bother making it usable or beautiful? To make sure that my teams are working on useful things I work with executive teams to define and communicate goals, strategies, and objectives. With the strategic direction defined I work with members of the product, design, and development teams to ensure that our tactical efforts are aligned to key metrics and benchmarks. All of this is part of an iterative process that includes quantitative and qualitative usability research, taxonomy, information architecture, interaction design, graphic design, development, QA, and readiness coordination.

I have over 20 years of leadership experience managing teams of UX designers and developers. In that time the work I have done has measurably improved the user experience for world-class companies including MIT, Harvard, Cisco Systems, Keurig, and UpToDate. NDAs prevent me from discussing some of my clients, but I’ve also worked with 3 of the world’s 50 largest companies along with industry leaders in healthcare, insurance, automotive, mobile devices, luxury apparel, and consumer goods.

Along with my professional experience, I have more than ten years of experience teaching college-level user-centered design and front-end development courses.

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Case Studies

Below is information on my Amazon #1 new release book published by Wiley and two brief case studies. Click on the main images to view detailed case studies.

Wiley Author - From Chaos to Concept - Published July 2020

"Only one-quarter of the managers surveyed could list three of the company’s five strategic priorities. Even worse, one-third of the leaders charged with implementing the company’s strategy could not list even one. "

MIT Sloan Management Review
The Strategic Agility Project

"Unrealistic or unarticulated project goals and badly defined system requirements are among the top reasons software projects fail."

IEEE Spectrum Report
Why Software Fails

I wrote this book to help companies address the issues mentioned in the quotes above. If you are a designer, developer, product owner, or student looking to get into any of these professions this book will provide you with the methods and tools necessary to enable your teams to design and build experiences customers love and avoid the primary reasons software projects fail.

By reading this book you will learn how to use goals, strategies, and measurable objectives in combination with personas, scenarios, and use cases to create useful, usable, and beautiful user experiences. This book covers both UX strategy and execution and will help your company not only improve top-line revenue by creating products users love but also improve the bottom-line by creating operational efficiencies.

Cox Automotive UX Research, Design, Prototyping, Testing

Cox Automotive UX Research, Design, Prototyping, Testing

"He was a true leader whom the rest of the community looked up to, and he helped drive much of the design culture across our offices. I hope I get to work with him again in the future."

Jeremy Eccles
Director of User Experience at Cox Automotive Inc.

The Challenge
Car Dealers spend millions of dollars annually on online advertising but most do not understand what the return is on that investment. They know they need to spend the money to keep pace with their competition but it is very difficult for them to gain vision into what advertising spend contributed to specific sales.

This lack of understanding leads to poor investments, lost opportunities, and an overall lack of trust in their advertising partners.

The Approach
The Product and UX organizations at Cox Automotive worked hand in hand to conduct research into the issues dealers are facing to discover opportunities for improved analytics.

Based on those findings I led the design process to establish a new user journey that would help dealers understand how their inventory is merchandised and advertised along with how their customers are moving through the conversion funnel.

The Results
The newly designed pages and data visualizations that make up the improved user journey were tested with dealers and have been shown to improve their understanding of both the overall quality of their merchandising efforts along with the specific advertising partners that are driving the highest quality traffic to their online properties.

By providing accurate advertising attribution this improved user experience allows dealers to maximize their return on advertising spend and capitalize on more opportunities.

Pajamagram Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping, and Testing

Pajamagram Research, Design, and Prototyping, and Testing

"Kevin is a leading example of the value of the professional creative technical leader. With demonstrated success in practical design and usability, he also has a deep background in technical implementations. Kevin leverages this combination to lead, design, and build appealing interfaces that meet both user and technical needs."

Bob Stetzel
VP of Business and Information Technology Vermont Teddy Bear / Pajamagram

The Challenge
A member of the Vermont Teddy Bear / Pajamagram executive team stopped by one day and mentioned to me that they wished we could find a way to sell more matching sets of pajamas because it is good for the business. She explained that people buy these matching pajama sets for a number of reasons but one of the big drivers of this behavior is the desire to take funny family photos during the Thanksgiving holiday that will then be used as cards for the holidays that follow.

I started the process by documenting the number of clicks to complete and the average time on task to establish benchmarks I could use as I tested possible solutions.

The Approach
After a review of competitive approaches failed to uncover a novel approach I explored options for alternative interactions. My first attempt eliminated the context switching problem I identified during my initial review but introduced a new issue. While testing the new wizard-based approach users mentioned being overwhelmed by the amount of information they needed to input to complete an order.

To resolve that issue the final solution progressively reveals the required inputs via an accordion interface so users become invested in the process and thus, more likely to complete their purchase.

The Results
Once the new interactions were launched our analytics showed a sustained $9.00 average order value increase as well as improved conversion rates. The new user flow and interactions also reduced the number of steps to complete an order by 50% while reducing user error rates as well.

Selling more products to each customer reduces handling time and shipping costs for the business. These operational efficiencies contribute to the return on investment for
this project.

Skill Set

Below is a timeline that illustrates how long I've been incorporating various skills into my process.

Management / Strategy

Quantitative Analysis

Qualitative UX Research

Heuristic Evaluations


Scenario Development

Use Case Development

Information Architecture

Interaction Design

Wireframes / Storyboards

Interactive Prototyping

Usability Testing

UI Design

UI Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Extra-professional Activities

Below are examples of activities I take part in when I'm not at work. In my downtime I enjoy being in nature as much as possible. Hiking, kayaking, swimming, fishing, and photography are some of my favorite things to do with my family.

  • All
  • Robotics / Electronics
  • 3D Modeling / Printing
  • VR / AR
  • Authoring / Speaking
  • Co-Authored The Essential Blender
  • Mentor - FTC World Championship 2017
  • Global UXD Guest Speaker - UX Strategy
  • Designed 3D Printed GoPro Camera Mount
  • Applause UX Research Interview
  • Augmented Reality R+D
  • Winner - 2014 Champbot Challenge
  • 3D Model for Book Illustration
  • VR R+D Using NASA Model
  • 3D Model - Jewelry Design
  • University of Massachusetts Guest Speaker - UX
  • Built a Vehicle a Fish Can Drive


I look forward to hearing from you.
Call (802) 735-4924 or email kevin@brauninteractive.com